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Service Requests

Lansford Realty & Property Management aims for convenience when meeting our tenants’ needs. This includes an online service request platform for all non-emergency maintenance needs.

NOTE: For non-medical, property-related emergencies, call us immediately at (423) 645-1590. For life-threatening emergencies, dial 911. In case of serious water leaks, locate the main valve in your unit and turn it to the closed position before seeking emergency support.

Before notifying maintenance

Please read the following troubleshooting guides to check if you need to submit an online service request.

Garbage disposal

If the garbage disposal is malfunctioning, try resetting it. Look for the button located at the bottom of the disposal unit under the sink – it’s usually a small red or black button. If it still doesn’t work, check if the blades are jammed. If the blades are stuck, use a broomstick or the handle of a plunger to free the blades. [IMPORTANT: Before clearing any disposal unit blades, make sure that the disposal unit is powered off at the fuse box.]

Air conditioning/heating system

Air conditioning units typically fail or malfunction when underpowered. If your unit’s air conditioning or heating system is not running, check and reset all breakers. Check your air filter to see if it needs replacing, as well. If we send a technician and find that the system only needs a filter replacement or a breaker reset, the service will still be charged to you.

Light fixtures

If your lights are flickering or fail to turn on, check if the bulbs are screwed in tightly. Make sure to cut the power from the light fixtures by flicking the switches to the off

position and, if possible, by turning off the power at the breaker box.

Outlets or switches

If your power outlets and switches are not working, look for the breaker box and reset the breaker. Submit an online service request if you need further help.


Be sure that the dishwasher is powered off before cleaning. If your dishwasher does not drain or fails to clean your kitchenware properly, clean out the food debris and other accumulated blockage from the drain at the bottom of the unit. To prevent food debris build-up in the future, be sure to rinse your dishes before washing. Practice regular maintenance using dish-friendly cleaning solutions at least once per month.

Shower drain or sink blockages

Make sure that your drains and sinks are not clogged with hair. Use a drain cleaner or solution to dissolve hair that may be stuck further down your drain pipes.

Toilet blockages

Try using a plunger to fix a clogged toilet. If the problem persists, submit a service request to notify us.

Still need help?

If the above guides do not resolve your concerns or if you have maintenance needs other than those mentioned above, please file the service request below. All fields marked with an (*) are required.

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