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Do you own Chattanooga rental property or North Georgia rental property but are tired of the hassle? Let Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC manage your real estate investments for you. We´ll screen and place qualified tenants, maintain your Chattanooga rental homes and North Georgia rental homes, and handle all bookkeeping. It´s that easy!

Pick up the phone and call Bruce Lansford today at (423) 645-1590, and let the professional staff of Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC care for your Chattanooga real estate investments.

Rental Property Marketing

  • Competitive Rents: Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC will work with owners to set–and periodically adjust–Chattanooga rents that are competitive, to ensure quick turnover.
  • Online Listings: More and more Chattanooga renters are finding Chattanooga rental properties online. Our online listings are kept up to date to make sure renters find your Chattanooga apartment for rent.
  • Strategically Placed Signs: Drive-by signs typically offer the best advertising.
  • Personal Showings: A Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC agent will personally meet each prospective tenant at the property.
  • Rental Property Special Features: How many bedrooms and baths? Is it near the CARTA bus line? Is there a fenced-in yard? Nothing captures a prospective tenant´s attention more quickly than a helpful description of amenities-a common feature in Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC advertising.

Tenant Screening & Placement

  • Credit Checks: Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC carefully checks each applicant´s credit history, pulling information from a national consumer credit agency.
  • Employment History: Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC carefully checks each applicant´s employment history, to verify his or her ability to pay rent each month.
  • Check with Previous Landlords: Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC contacts all known past landlords to verify each applicant´s track record of paying on time, creating disturbances, etc.
  • Key Duplication: Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC changes all locks after each departing tenant, and duplicate keys are kept in a secure place for emergency access.
  • Attorney-Approved Leases: All lease forms are approved by attorneys in the state of Tennessee or state of Georgia to maximize owners´ legal protection.
  • Walk-Through before Signing: So that repairs are properly billed to tenants (rather than the owner), a Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC agent will walk through the entire property with each before signing.

Proactive Property Maintenance

  • Maintenance Requests: All tenant requests for repairs are followed up within 24 hours.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Maintaining or upgrading systems before they fail can save our owners thousands of dollars.
  • Housekeeping: Prior to showing or leasing, Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC thoroughly cleans and prepares each unit, including painting as needed.
  • Regular Inspections: At least once a year, or during each tenant turnover (whichever is sooner), Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC inspects all systems on the property, including heat/air, roof, gutters and more.
  • Carefully Screened Vendors: Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC only uses bonded, licensed and insured contractors for all repairs and maintenance.
  • Minimal Inconvenience to Tenants: As much as possible, repairs are conducted and contained in such a way to minimize imposition on tenants and the place they call home.
  • Property Values: Our proactive approach to property maintenance and careful tenant screening both ensure that your property will not lose value on our watch due to neglect.
  • Utilities Rollover: During tenancy changes, utilities are automatically rolled over to Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC to ensure that power and water aren´t cut.

Prompt & Courteous Communication

  • Regular Communication with Owners: When you contact us with a question, we are quick to respond with an answer. An experienced property manager is always available to speak with property owners.
  • Emergencies: During non-business hours, tenants have access to Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC 24 hours a day.
  • Late or Eviction Notices: All notices are delivered in a timely fashion, using state-approved forms, and according to legal timelines to minimize liability and speed turnover.

Professional Bookkeeping

  • Monthly Income Statements: Once a month, owners receive an easy-to-read accounting of rents received and expenses.
  • Monthly Maintenance Reports: Once a month, owners receive a detailed accounting of repairs, including receipts for labor and materials.
  • Annual Tax Statements: Every January, all owners receive a copy of IRS Form 1099 detailing total income/loss reported to the federal government.
  • No Hassle to the Owner: This is Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC´s goal and promise to you.

Owner Services

  • Rental Property Marketing
  • Tenant Screening & Placement
  • Property Maintenance
  • Prompt & Courteous Communication
  • Professional Bookkeeping
  • Request A Management Proposal
  • Preparing Your Property

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