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Move Out Guide

At Lansford Realty & Property Management we do our best to ensure smooth transitions – from moving in to moving out. Below we describe the proper procedures for vacating rented properties. We hope this guide will help make the process clearer for you.

Inspection requirements

Lansford Realty & Property Management will only send out your deposit after we complete an inspection of the property. The better the condition of your rented unit, the faster we will be able to release your deposit.

Please note the following conditions:

  • We will only begin inspection after you have cleaned the property and have removed all your personal property.
  • You must leave your keys (as well as garage and gate remotes, if applicable) at our office, along with your forwarding address. You are considered still living at the property until the keys are turned in, and rent will be charged accordingly. Do not leave keys at the property.
  • You will not be able to re-enter the property once keys are turned in.
  • We will schedule final walk-through appointments.

Cleaning requirements

The following cleaning requirements must be accomplished before you vacate the property:

  1. General cleaning requirements:
    • Clear the property of all your private belongings. o Leave all utilities on until inspection has been completed.
    • Clear all trash from the premises and make sure that garbage bins and receptacles are put at the road for pickup (if full)
    • Check if the smoke alarms are operational. Replace the batteries if necessary.
    • Ensure that all plumbing is free from blockages.
    • Remove ash and debris from the fireplace, hearth, and mantelpiece.
  2. Clean all windows and sliding doors on both interior and exterior sides. Ensure that there are no streaks or dirt left behind and replace broken or missing window panes and coverings.
  3. Sweep, clean, and mop all floors as necessary. Vacuum all carpeting. Have all carpets steam cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. Do not use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners on laminate or hardwood floors to prevent damage.
  4. Clean all doors, including closet doors, inside and out. Remove any unauthorized bedroom locking door knobs.
  5. Check and clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. Make sure that each fixture has the correct type of bulb in it (e.g. dimmable bulbs for dimmable switches, floodlight bulbs for inset lights) and replace all broken globes and bulbs. Clean all ceiling fan blades and lightly sweep the ceiling with a broom to clean away any gathered dust.
  6. Wash and spot scrub all walls and ceilings (except popcorn ceilings). Remove all nails, screws, staples, etc. All crayon and/or furniture marks must be removed as well.
  7. Clean out all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning vents. Check and replace filters as needed.
  8. Clear out all storage receptacles, closets, and vanities. Ensure that these are cleaned and checked for maintenance or repair needs, too.
  9. Check and wipe down appliances as needed. Stove and refrigerator should be left clean inside and out. If stove pans do not clean up, replace them. Do not use water to clean appliances if it will cause damage.
  10. Disinfect wherever needed. These include bathroom fixtures, sinks, and counter tops which have been exposed to food debris, grime, and organic material which may be prone to bacteria build-up.
  11. For properties with lawns and exterior areas, make sure that outside areas are also properly cleaned out and groomed prior to moving out.

Spare yourself from the stress of doing all these cleanup chores on your own. For convenience, efficiency, and safety, hire professional cleaning and/or repair services. Contact your property manager for assistance in finding the right Lansford Realty & Property Management partners for the job.

From all of us at Lansford Realty & Property Management, thank you and good luck with your move!

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