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Statement of Qualifying Criteria

Lansford Realty & Property Management always keeps everyone’s best interests in mind. To assure an enjoyable living experience in our communities, we require that all prospective tenants meet the following qualifying criteria and/or submit the following requirements:

  1. Employment or guaranteed source of income. An applicant must have a stable source of income. Monthly gross income must be atleast three times (3x) the monthly rental rate. All proof of income must be legal and verifiable.
    • For employed applicants, we will require proof of employment for a minimum of six months at the same place of employment.
    • For self-employed applicants, we will require the previous year’s tax return for verification.
    • Income in other forms such as tips, commissions, subsidies, and allowances will require notarized verification.

    If an applicant is not employed at the time of application, we will require proof of funds (e.g. bank statement), which should equal the full term of the lease agreement.

  2. At least 1-year rental history. An applicant must be able to present proof of rental history covering a minimum of 12 months, wherein all lease terms have been fulfilled satisfactorily. We will not entertain applicants with a record of eviction, outstanding debt to landlords or property managers, and other forms of negative rental history.

    For applicants with no prior rental history, we will require an additional security deposit amounting to a full month’s rent.

  3. Applicant must reside and have a physical presence in the unit applied for. An applicant must be living in the unit rented and all other occupants must be disclosed. All persons 18 years and older must complete an application.

    There are established occupancy limits per unit size:

    • Studio: No more than 2 persons
    • 1-bedroom: No more than 2 persons
    • 2-bedroom: No more than 4 persons
    • 3-bedroom: No more than 6 persons
  4. Agreeable to a 2-year credit history review. An applicant must agree to an evaluation of his/her credit history. Discharged bankruptcies or failure to present credit history will result in the denial of the application. Unfulfilled lease terms will also result in automatic disqualification.

    We will consider applicants with negative credit history, provided that the negative accounts amount to no more than 30% of the applicant’s total accounts.

  5. Agreeable to a criminal background check. Each occupant at least 18 years of age will be subject to a background check. Any convictions of felony or misdemeanor charges against persons or property will result in automatic rejection.
  6. Agreeable to pay a security deposit. For single-family dwellings or single rental units, we will require an advanced security deposit equal to one month’s rent.

The rental process

To get started with the rental process, have every prospective occupant read our Statement of Qualifying Criteria above. Should there be any problems with these requirements, please contact us to discuss. If all applicants meet the listed qualifications, please send us copies of each occupant’s government IDs and schedule a viewing.

After you’ve viewed the property and are convinced that you wish to proceed with the application, please click the link below:

(Please fill in all the fields on this application. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted. Provide a copy of your ID and two current employer paychecks as proof of employment and income.)

Application processing

Applications are typically processed between 2 to 3 days. If approval from homeowner or condominium community associations is required, processing may take longer.

Regardless, we will contact you immediately upon determination of your application’s approval or denial.

Application fee

We require a non-refundable application/screening fee of $20. This amount will be used for all steps involved in the application processing stage, including employment verification; communication with the applicant’s employers, references, and previous landlords; credit and criminal background checks; and the compiling of a final screening file.

Our screening fee does not cover registration fees for homeowner or condominium association membership.

Deposit terms

If your application is approved, you will be required to pay a security deposit, which must be equal to at least one month’s rent. Upon moving in, as agreed in the lease terms, your first month’s rent will be due.

The first month’s rent and security deposit must be paid by cashier’s check or money order.

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