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Tenant FAQS

FAQs for tenants

What do you consider when screening tenants?

When we review applications, we screen potential tenants based on their credit, employment, previous rental histories. We also check for any criminal history.

Grounds for automatic denial of applications include:

– History of eviction and unpaid debt to previous landlords
– History of criminal conviction

If you have a history of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or repossession, you may still be eligible to apply, but we will request a double or triple deposit.

If we are required a double or triple deposit, can we claim the additional amount if we can prove that we are able to pay rent on time?

No, the full amount remains your deposit throughout the length of your lease.

Can we speak with the owner directly to explain previous setbacks in my credit history?

No, the arrangement between the property owner and our agency requires that all communication must be made only through your property manager.

When can I view the property?

Feel free to drive around the neighborhood anytime to see the property and its surrounding location. However, we recommend a full showing of the property, so contact us to schedule a proper visit.

Can I apply for the property before viewing the property?

Yes, this is allowed, but we recommend a proper viewing guided by one of our professional property managers. You can file an application right after your viewing with the property manager’s assistance.

Can I negotiate my rent?

Yes, you can make an offer, which we will present to the owner accordingly. Note, however, that in a competitive market, offering less than the asking price limits your chances of securing that home.

Can we do our own repairs on the property instead of paying a deposit?

No, we do not allow tenants to do their own repairs.

Are we allowed to paint or make changes to the property?

Any desired changes to the property must be requested in writing and will be subject to the owner’s approval.

If my spouse does not work (i.e. earn income), can I be the only one indicated as an applicant on the lease form?

For legal reasons, we require anyone 18 years and older to file as an applicant and be on the lease, regardless of employment status.

How do I report repairs and maintenance needs?

All repair requests must be made in writing, except in the case of emergencies. You may call your property manager directly for emergency repair needs, but a written request will be required afterwards.

Can I break my lease early?

Please refer to the early termination clause of your lease.

Can I keep pets in the leased property?

If you are a new tenant who intends to keep a pet in the property, notify your property manager who will in turn request the approval of the property owner. If approved, you must pay a non-refundable pet fee.

Current tenants who intend to get a pet (post-lease signing) must also request the approval of the owner, pay the pet fee, and sign an addendum to the lease.

What can I do about pests?

Note that a final inspection for pest problems was conducted prior to the signing of the lease. Should problems with common pests arise during occupancy, it is the tenant’s responsibility to treat them. You may contact your property manager for assistance in contacting local exterminator services.

The property owner is only responsible for the treatment of wood-destroying pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles.

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