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Property Management

Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC offers the full suite of property management services to property owners in Chattanooga, TN and Catoosa County in North Georgia.

Are you looking to maximize your rental property’s ROI? You don’t have to worry about a thing. From preparing listings to marketing, screening tenants, and crunching the numbers, our team of experienced property managers has all your needs covered.

Property Evaluation

Before putting your property up for rent, we thoroughly review your neighborhood’s rental market. By poring over current property values and relevant real estate trends in your area, our staff guarantees competitive rents that are attractive to tenants, while also promising you the best returns.

Advertising and Listing

We highlight your property’s most appealing features and maximize all available means to get your property the best exposure. Using online platforms, newspaper ads, and strategically placed signs around your community, we make sure that you reach your target market.

Addressing Inquiries

Responding to curious prospective tenants can take a great deal of time, especially when your property is getting a lot of attention. We deal with this aspect as well. From responding to messages to walking serious prospects through personal showings, Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC has your back.

Tenant Background Screening and Credit Investigations

Our team covers all the bases to ensure that your prospective tenants are thoroughly screened prior to placement. We assess each applicant’s credit history through a national consumer credit agency. We also review the applicant’s employment history and contact past landlords to check their track record as a renter.

Processing of Applications

After you sign off on an ideal candidate, we take care of the details. We guide the tenant through all the required paperwork and the final lease signing. All lease forms are approved by attorneys in the state of Tennessee or the state of Georgia to ensure legal protection for you and your property.

We also make sure to walk the tenant through the property prior to signing to make sure that any future need for repairs are billed to the tenant, rather than to you.

Rent Collection

Rent is collected following a consistent monthly schedule. We also monitor late payments and ensure that you are notified of any instances of delinquent tenants so that evictions, if necessary, can be carried out in a timely and orderly (legally sanctioned) manner.


Our team spares you from all the hassles of the accounting process. Every month, you can expect a pair of financial reports. The first is the income statement, which details all rents received and expenses made. The second is a maintenance report, which describes all expenditures on repairs and includes receipts for labor and materials. We also send owners annual tax statements (IRS Form 1099).

Property Maintenance

The Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC brand of service goes beyond those described above. We also maintain a proactive stance in preserving your property’s value. Our service guarantees:

  • Regular inspections (at least once a year). Should there be a need for repairs, we carry them out at minimal inconvenience to the tenants.
  • Open communication lines. We respond to inquiries from property owners promptly. We make sure that an experienced property manager is always available. Tenants also have 24-hour access to our team.
  • Key duplication for emergency access. In addition, we replace all locks and keys after a tenant departs.
  • Rollover of utilities. In between tenants, Lansford Realty & Property Management LLC temporarily assumes responsibility for utility fees so that power and water services are not interrupted.

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